Friday, September 2, 2011

Winter in Paradise Coming from Etopia Press

A warm heart was all Major Kelly Andres needed on a planet turned to ice. But that heart beats in Major Byron Grayson’s chest—and he’s given his life so she can live.

Erotic Sci-Fi

Chain Reaction Coming Soon from Silver Publishing

What you won't find in the history books. 

Have you ever wondered what really went on inside the Manhattan Project, and how America kept the most crucial secret of World War II? Chicago University's Metallurgical Lab was the government's cover for Chicago Pile One, the lab where scientists observed the first nuclear chain reaction. And where the Nazis sent their most dangerous spy.

When a spy is detected, and a Manhattan Project scientist is tortured and murdered inside Chicago University's Eckhart Hall, former Chicago police detective Jordan Pierce is put in charge of the investigation.

But Pierce faces two problems; he can't function during the sun’s zenith, and he’s falling in love with the prime suspect, the beautiful scientist Dr. Gladys Nichols. Pierce is thrust into the most dangerous and alluring assignment of his life, and is forced to come face-to-face with his own lost humanity.

Many unsung heroes helped win World War II, but few made a bigger impact and remained cloaked in more secrecy than Jordan Pierce. Chain Reaction is one of the many untold stories that changed the course of the war. 

Alternate history/paranormal romance
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