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Sasha's Calling Reviewed at Just Erotic Romance Reviews

 Sasha Smirnov is a mercenary trying to steal the cure to what the Centorians have for a retrovirus model that will help her father and her people of Magnus 3 so that they can evacuate their planet orbiting around an unstable sun. Getting caught is not an option, but when her time is cut short by a scientist who set off the alarms, Sasha ran for life with the precious cure in hand. In the midst of the chase, Sasha ends up in a room and sees a warp-drive, thought not to exist, that will enable them to save her planet. If only she can leave Centor with this precious information.
I am a very big science fiction fanatic and reading Sasha’s Calling was quite an experience. The amount of detail and ambience had me living Sasha’s life for a few of hours and loving it every second. The excitement of being chased by good guys and bad guys, being shot at and kicking some butts was such an adrenaline rush. The “not knowing” who to trust just made Sasha’s adventure even more exciting. Yet in the midst of all this adventure, romance blooms and hot and scorching love scenes transpire with a mysterious man named Dr. Dirk Roscoepilot. At first, I contemplated he's a good guy but as this adventure unfolds Sasha, and I, can’t help but see the facts and realize maybe the good doctor is not who says he is. I love how strong, physically and emotionally, these characters are. 

The passion all the characters have for a cause they believe in is quite admirable. Even with all the deceit, corruption and gloominess the future holds the plot doesn't falter. I can’t help but be intrigued by the amount of details the authors created. Every device, weapon or equipment our heroine and hero use feels so realistic. Even the Maxi-Boob cream and Boob-Be-Gone not only had me in a fit of giggles but I’d like to get me some of that. T.C. Archer (Evan Trevane and Shawn M. Casey) make a wonderful collaboration and I look forward to many more future stories. Shasha's Calling is an excellent sci-fi adventure and scorching romance that is very entertaining.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Reviewer: Tallyn Porter


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