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Sasha's Calling Reviewed at Lovin' Me Some Romance

Cover Thoughts: The cover is appealing and adequately conveys the book's genre.

Origin: I received a copy for review from the author.

My Review:

Sasha Smirnov is on a stealth mission on the planet Centor when she stumbles across the technology that'll save her own planet, more importantly her ailing father. Working as a freelance thief, Sasha is bank rolling her entire operation and is just shy of broke without the datachip she's been contracted to steal but the warp-field generator in the bowls of Centor has the potential to save millions of lives and Sasha will do whatever it takes to get the generator plans to Magnus 3, her home plant that's about to be consumed by its super nova sun. Her escape plans are are going well too. She's even managed to steal a mind blowing kiss from an gorgeous Ambassador before stowing away on a outbound ship. Unfortunately for Sasha, this is when all her plans go to hell.

No sooner does Sasha become comfortably ensconced in her stow away position when a green floor to ceiling electronic scan passes through her person and the room she's hiding in. Thankful that scan didn't kill her as some have been rumored to do, Sasha feels a moment of relief before her sexy Ambassador strolls into her hiding place. Busted. And come to find out, that green scan wiped all her data memory including the warp-field generator! But Sasha has a plan, one that includes getting some play time with the hunky Ambassador before she'll commandeer his ship, return to Centor and re-retrieve the data. Sadly, Sasha's plans fall apart again, but this time not only does she face the real risk of losing her heart, but she faces an even more dire risk of being unable to save her father and Magnus 3.

The Heroine:

Brave, resourceful, and fearless, Sasha may be a thief but her heart is always in the right place. And while she does possess the cunning skill and "I work alone" attitude her profession demands, Sasha's actually quite vulnerable and trusting. Having never been befuddled by an all consuming lust, she crumbles sensually beneath her Ambassador's touch, a.k.a. Dr. Dirk Roscoepilot. Garnering her wary trust, Sasha is rocked with pain when he betrays her to the Pinkertons, galactic cowboy police. But her body still can't resist nor can it cease craving his touch and when he saves her yet again and despite still being confused by his intentions, Sasha will risk betrayal and more just to be in Dirk's arms one last time.

The Hero:

Dr. Dirk Roscoepilot is a mystery throughout the read. Matching Sasha in bravery and resourcefulness, he surprises her with his espionage skills but is open with his lust. Together, the two passionately ignite upon the pages but his overall intentions are never clear until the very end. A man who doesn't enjoy relinquishing control, his intelligence allows him to be the one moving the chess pieces of his and Sasha's relationship. Despite all the hoops his secretiveness forces Sasha to jump through, the reader never lets go of hope that at heart, Dirk's a good guy.

My Final Thoughts:

Told in third person narrative from Sasha's point of view, SASHA'S CALLING is a fast-paced, erotic thrill ride. Galactic espionage abounds with high-tech fantasy weaponry and detailed space mobility, painting a lush picture in the reader's mind's eye. The detail never overloads the plot but heightens it giving just enough filler for this action-packed novella. In addition, the combined vulnerabilities and warrior-like qualities of Sasha make for a fun journey. Finally, there are a few elements of the ridiculous that either require a more open minded reader or the ability to roll things off your back for the sake of entertainment, but in all, this is a fun read that'll make an hour feel like a minute. Enjoy!

Lovin' Me Some Romance


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